Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer Fun

We had a super fun day today. Jonathan and I were home all day, so after breakfast we took a walk to the neigborhood dog park and let Mazie run free for a little bit. Then after lunch I hooked up the garden hose and let Jonathan play in the water. It was so hot today and the water felt great! I ended up soaked too. Mazie wasn't the biggest fan of the water, so she hung out in the shade. After that we enjoyed some fresh apple carrot kiwi juice and then took a long nap. Yea for summer! I love it!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer's in full swing!

Wow last week was a crazy ride. We had our Super Summer event Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. It was such a great thing, and different from anything we've done before. The kids were divided into teams (each team was a different color), and they earned points for things like team spirit, bringing friends, winning games, etc. They loved it! It was so fun to see what they came up with for team spirit. So that was the beginning of the week. On Thursday one of the girls from our student ministry in Alabama came to visit for the weekend. She stayed until Sunday and it was so fun to see her and catch up. Now she's halfway through college and the last time we saw her she was just graduating high school. Thursday night we had our weekly college volleyball gathering. Friday Ben and I spent all day buying me a new car. My old one was too tired to work anymore. I am loving the new one more than I expected. I didn't realize how much I was putting up with in my old one. I was just loving no car payment. Then Saturday we spent the day at the lake (or the ocean, I'm not sure, I was told it was a saltwater lake?) with the college group. It was a lot of fun. Jonathan swam in the swimming pool for the first time ever and loved it. We got him this cute little crab floatie to sit in. The water was take your breath away cold so I coudn't handle it as long as I would have liked to, but it was fun while it lasted. So anyway then we had Sunday and that was our week. This week is an easy one. We don't have Wednesday night or Sunday night. So hopefully we will be able to finish unpacking. We're pretty much down to the stuff in the garage and hanging pictures on the walls. We need to go through the attic, but that will have to wait till fall when it's not 200 degrees in there.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Settling in

We are finally mostly settled in to our new house. There are still a few boxes left, but we should be able to get to them this week. John Paul's fiance Crystal has been visiting this week and staying at our house, and we have had a lot of fun spending time together. I'm pretty sure Jonathan thinks Crystal is the most beautiful person he's ever seen. He stares at her with starry eyes and touches her face and hair all the time. John Paul is our new middle school pastor and we are so excited about being in ministry with him and Crystal.

Next week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night we are doing an event with fun activities for the kids and then our student ministry staff will speak, presenting the gospel and teaching kids how to have a closer walk with Christ. We are praying that it will be a time that we see God move in a mighty way. If you are a believer, please pray with us.
Above are some pictures of what we've been doing lately. We stopped at the beach for a few minutes yesterday and planned on taking pictures there, but I didn't realize the batteries were dead, so we'll have to do that next time. This morning we went to the aquarium. Compared to other aquariums we've seen it wasn't very exciting, but Jonathan seemed to enjoy the outing. There was one fish tank that he could touch from his stroller. It had small fish and hermit crabs in it, and he pointed at each one and babbled on and on about them for several minutes.
The second picture is Jonathan's first ever sunday school art project. When I saw it in his diaper bag after church last week I was the proudest mama ever. I love it so much! Jonathan seemed proud of it too. If he gets ahold of it he pulls those little fuzzies off and throws them like a ball.
Next is Jonathan practicing his key skills. Tonight he got ahold of someone's keys and immediately went to the door with them. I am amazed because there are only a handful of times in his life that he has ever seen anyone do this. He is definately watching and taking in everything around him. Finally is a picture of him in his new PJ's. For those of you that know how he has still been in 6-9 month PJ's, you'll be proud of me for finally buying more.