Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I've decided to start making my own juice. Yesterday at our moms group we had a guest speaker who told us all about eating for wellness. She said a lot of things that I have heard before, some I practice now, some I get on kicks about and do for awhile, some I haven't ever been able to implement, and some things I had never thought of.
One of the things she said was that as soon as a fruit, veggie, or grain is sliced, crushed, or opened in any way, the nutrients begin to oxidize into the air and go away. So the only way to know that you are getting maximum nutrition from your food is to eat it fresh and raw. Juicing is one of the ways you can do this, and since I have a 10 month old with no teeth and a hubby who isn't the biggest fan of fruits and veggies, it sounded like a good plan for us. She also let us sample some freshly made apple juice, and it was very different from the so called 100% apple juice that I've been buying for my boy. That juice has been pasturized (heated so that all the germs are killed, how are nutrients supposed to survive if germs can't?) and chemical vitamin C has been added back to it. She also said that you can get a juicer at Wal-mart for $30. So first thing this morning I headed to Wal-mart to begin this new venture. I decided to go for the $60 model, because the $30 one looked like you would have to cut the fruit pretty small before you put it in. The one I got can fit a whole don't have to cut anything! I still think $60 is a good deal for those health benefits, and will probably pay for itself if I use it enough.
So I got it home and washed it just in time for Jonathan's morning juice. I stuffed an apple in the top and out came about 4 oz of juice. He usually drinks 2 oz plus 2 oz of water, so I fixed this juice bottle the same way. He drank that stuff down so fast and cried for more. So I gave him the next 2 oz with 2 more oz of water. A big hit, and sure makes me feel better about what's going into that precious little body of his.
When I read or hear about how bad processed food is for our bodies, it makes me feel overwhelmed and helpless. I pray that the Lord will help me to take the time and effort needed to provide my family with the nutrients that He has made for us and BLESS THIS FOOD TO OUR BODIES.