Saturday, March 15, 2008

A-Boose, A-Boose

The weather here has been beautiful the last few days. Yesterday I took Jonathan's choo-choo out to the little park in our neighborhood and took a few pictures. Here's my favorite.

Today Ben had a mission trip meeting at the church, so Jonathan and I ventured out to the mall to find him and easter outfit. We found what we were looking for and sat in the food court for a Chick-Fil-A lunch. As we were eating, this conversation took place:

J: Ja-shin eesa bunny?

Me: You want to see the Easter bunny?

J: Yes

Me: Ok, we'll go back by there after we eat.

I have never been much for seeing Santa or the Easter bunny or any other character, mainly because of the long lines and I had no idea how Jonathan would react. But we always stop to look as we go by, which is what we had done today. So, I took him back by the Easter bunny after lunch, thinking that looking and waving would be plenty. But no. When he saw him, he began trying to get out of his stroller to go see the Easter bunny. I explained that if he wanted to go see the Easter bunny we would have to wait for our turn in the line. He replied "Ja-shin tuwn eesa bunny". So, we got in line, changed from his apple juice soaked tee to his new Easter outfit, and sat on the Easter Bunny's lap for pictures. He was wide eyed, but loving every minute of it. I don't think he was ready to leave when his turn was over. His second birthday is still a month and a half away, but he has been acting like a two year old a lot lately. He knows what he wants, when he wants it, and he doesn't forget. Ben and I are in for a whole new experience in parenting. We are trusting the Lord for wisdom and patience.

I have been trying for several weeks to get a video of Jonathan reading. It is one of his favorite things to do, and he blows us away at the things he remembers and can say. I finally got a decent one of his current favorite, The Little Red Caboose. It's not the greatest angle, but you can hear him talk quite a bit. He says his name and even does his new favorite trick, sticking his fingers down his throat until he gags. So go get a cup of coffee and settle in for story time with Jonathan.