Tuesday, January 02, 2007


So it turns out I'm about as good at keeping a blog as I am at keeping a journal. That figures I guess since they're kind of the same thing. I would make a new year's resolution to post more often, but I'm sure I wouldn't keep it so I'm not going to fool myself.
We had a fantastic Chrismas withe Jeremy, Jeni, and Olivia. Jonathan and Olivia loved each other to death and had sooo much fun together.
Jonathan is completely mobile now. He's crawling everywhere. He's also pulling up on the furniture already. I didn't expect that yet. His favorite thing to crawl to is Mazie's bowl, so now we are having to put Mazie's food in her room and we leave the gate in the door but put it up high enough that she has enough space to crawl under, but Jonathan doesn't have enough room to get underneath. It works well since she's littler than him, but I feel sorry for her that she has to go to that extra trouble just to eat or drink.
Everything else is pretty normal around here. I'm ready to get back into the normal routine of things...Tuesday morning Women's Bible study and Wednesday night with the kids at church.
I'll try to remember to post more often, but if not, it probably means we're just carrying on as usual.
Have a great start to your '07!