Saturday, June 10, 2006

Here he is!

Well, Jonathan is here, and he's now almost 6 weeks old. Wow, time has really flown. In a way I can't believe he's already been here that long, and then at the same time it's like he's been here with us all along. I have to say that these past 6 weeks have been absolutely fantastic. Jonathan is so amazing, and he's already growing so fast! He's already smiling at us and trying so hard to make baby babble to us. As I sit and hold him I can't help but wonder what his little hands and feet are going to do someday. I wonder what things he will love and hate, who his friends will be, what his greatest accomplishments and hardest struggles will be. And Ben is just the best dad ever. He has been so supportive and loving to me, and is always happy to jump in and change a diaper or hold Jonathan whenever he can. He is the best!!!