Thursday, March 26, 2009

Raindrops on Roses

Today was my favorite MOPS meeting of the year, called "favorite things". It is very similar to Oprah's show in that the leadership brings in some of our favorite things to share with the group. Lots and lots of things are given away, some in a drawing and some items are given to everyone. It is sooo much fun to hear what makes other moms lives easier and happier.
Here are ten of my favorite things:
1. Stila lip glaze. This is what I shared with our group today as my favorite splurge. It is really the best lip gloss I have ever used. It stays on, tastes and smells great, and really looks like the color that it is in the tube.
2. Lindt truffles. YUM! This is the best chocolate ever. My favorites are the milk chocolate, white chocolate, or dark chocolates. Next time you see these next to a checkout stand you need to snag one.
3. Clorox wipes. I imagine that life without these would feel something like the stone ages. I use them everywhere, on everything.
4. Mrs. Meyers clean day geranium scent products. The idea behind Mrs. Meyers products is that you can use one scent throughout your home so there are no clashing smells. My grocery store carries limited items in the geranium, so I usually stick to the hand soap and use it by my kitchen sink.
5. My Rowdy diaper bag. We all know how hard it is to find a great diaper bag. With Jonathan I ended up using the black one from the hospital because it was the only one I had that I could completely wipe down. This one is all that and so, so much more. It has a removable, washable liner and a removable clutch purse for my stuff. I use it with the long shoulder strap, but you can also make it into a backpack or use the short strap to carry it on your arm. Plus I think it is super cute. I'm all about stuff with form AND function.
6. Lansinoh diaper rash cream. Sorry Beaudreaux's, this stuff is better. It has zinc oxide to heal the rash, and lanolin to soothe it.
7. Wellness dog food. Ok, this is more like Mazie's favorite thing, but it is really great dog food. It has all human grade ingredients, no corn (almost every dog food and treat has some kind of corn), and it seems to taste great. Mazie practically inhales it when we set it out, and she has never been like that with food before. The lack of corn has helped her allergies tremendously, as she no longer scratches her skin raw. Many thanks to Superchikk for introducing me to this brand of pet food.
8. My Gym. This is the other thing I shared with our MOPS today. We love love love Jonathan's class and look forward to it every week. I have seen him grow so much in our time at My Gym.
9. Francine Rivers Christian Fiction. I have loved reading fiction ever since my first Ramona Quimby book in the second grade. Francine Rivers is unbelievably talented and reading one of her books will consume every minute of your spare time until you finish it. You are warned.
10. Rainbow flip flops. I almost forgot about these because I have to keep my feet adequately covered in the winter time, but here in about 3 weeks I expect that my Rainbows will attach themselves to my feet and stay there until, oh, about September. This will be my 3rd summer with them and they only get better with age. And water.

Now, what are your favorite things? Please leave me a comment with at least one!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day!

We woke up this morning to find snow on the ground! Here are some pictures of our adventure in the backyard.

Pat a cake

Avery has been a busy girl this week. She's pushing up on her hands and knees a little bit and trying hard to pull up. She also is saying hi and loves to pat a cake.