Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Melissa over at the LPM blog just inspired me to get my rear in gear and post our vacation pictures. Ben and I went to Puerto Rico for our 10th anniversary and it was FABULOUS! We had never done a vacation like that and let me tell you it was life changing. At the end of a summer in student ministry we were more than ready for some down time together. To have that in an amazingly beautiful place was more than I could have hoped for. It's so hard to choose which pictures to share. Everything was so great.

These guys hung around outside at our resort.

One of the waterfalls at El Yunque rainforest

Our lunch spot while in the rainforest

The blue cobblestone streets of Old San Juan

The fort that once controlled entrance to the new world

And finally, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Culebra island. We flew in a teeny tiny airplane to get there.

See? Told you

Ten years together. Wouldn't trade it for anything. Love you baby!


The Ward's said...

WOW!! Those are beautiful! We are looking for somewhere to go for out 10. We have a few years but we are trying to get an idea so we can start saving up for it!! Where did you guys stay?

Ben and Kristen said...

We stayed at Wyndham Rio Mar. It was very nice and not all inclusive. We rented a car and did everything on our own, no excursions through the resort. It was so fun that way because we were always on our own time schedule, and less expensive. I would highly recommend it. We still hope to make it to Antigua some day too.

Anonymous said...

its already been 10 years....its like yesterday everyone was at your wedding!!!

-Crystal Trueblood